Kamakura Kwaidan True Japanese Ghost Stories and Hauntings - Ron Dutcher

This book contains 10 ghost stories from Japan,from a very specific area: Kamakura. So these are not widely known stories throughout the country, but more like known by locals.These are not urban stories either, so they were different from the few i knew.

I did liked the horror folktales and i was amazed by the time some were originated,dated as far back as the XIV century and even BC....that's WOW.
This actually explains a bit about the ultra-supersticious culture Japan has,i mean these beliefs are from so long and are still strong.Probably every corner of Japan has this kind of stories.

The stories mostly are based on history facts, and all the places where bad things happened gave birth to the stories and thus hunted places.
Also besides knowing the origins of the stories there are a lot of: "it is said if you walk,enter,sit,see,etc you'll be cursed" living up to this day, and the reason these stories are never forgotten is because people hear/see these 600+ year old ghosts even nowadays,as said in the book.

I think if i ever go to Japan,i'll wanna make sure i know the hunted places before i touch something :P