Bridget Jones's Diary - Helen Fielding

Well,i decided on reading this before exams because i wanted a light reading.The first time i read it was like 10 years ago and i remember i liked it, so i gave it 4 stars. I think my memorie was decieved.

This book...*sighs* i have to say that the writing style wasn't for me, at times i found it a bit robotic, mechanical.There wasn't much going on in the story and her immature thoughts goes wandering page after page.
The bigest disappointment was Bridget's charachter.She was supposed to be in her thirties but i was reading the diary and thoughts of a 12 year old (probably the reason why i liked it the first time i read this). What bothered me is that she has no control whatsoever of any aspects of her life, she is a puppet, and her lack of confidence and her clueless self was very off-putting.

At times i did found it somewhat funny, but it wasn't what i was expecting. Gonna finish the series tough.