None of the Above - Andrea Di Gregorio

I think people should read this and i would recomend everyone to read this book because i considered it to be a light reading despite the complex topic,but at the same time informative and enlightening about intersex and gender identity.

I was very excited to read this book, it's not the first time i've heard about intersex, in fact a few years ago i've watched a series (one of my fav series) about two intesex people and apart of being informative it touched me emotionaly, something that this book kinda failed to do.

The writing style got in the way when trying to find some depth in the main character and her emotions ,maybe that's why i couldn't fully connect with her but i liked her anyway, and the bullying and intolerance towards her made me feel sad but mostly very angry, because it was mean but realistic.

The plot, i have to say,was following the basic steps to be predictable. The story however, does make you aware and makes you think, and raise questions, it makes you realize how sociaety is so desperate to put a label on everything and whatever doesn't fit that ignorance and cruelty takes over. This book shows that.