Secondhand Memories - Takatsu

It's my first time encountering a cell phone Novel and i didn't know what to expect.I was kinda worried that because of the format the chapters and sentences would be too short and cut the flow of the story. And they were short but it was a pleasant expierence, it all went smoothly.

I loved the writing style,it was poetically simple and beautiful,i was dragged into their story and soon i was inmersed in their 'bubble world'.

"I stared at the sky. I couldn't bear to look into her eyes again.
They were too deep, as if she held many secrets inside.
Memories of a thousand years.
And a soul I could never uderstand.
It was combfortable,yet at the same time, it wasn't.
It was as if she could look right through me.

I couldn't tell it to her eyes.
So i had to tell it to the stars."

This was a beautiful moment for me, and it's just one out of many.
The cuteness, the sweetness I was dying when i read it. Simple moments, simple words but meaningfull and everlasting.

The story is about a boy -Seiji- (and his friends) who face a life changing tragedy and the aftermath of it.
The importance of friendship, the pain of loss, the confusion, the power of love and will, Seiji shows it all. I was moved by his transition to become free and feel happiness at last, knowing is okay to do so and also move on. I just wanted to take the sense of obligation out of him.Even if his love changes into friendship love, it'd still be love...
What i liked about Airu's character was her patience, her strength ,her bubbliness, her ability to slowly break Seiji's wary barrier and by doing so she also was changed. I enjoyed and loved the memories the created together, it was endering but somehow they were always under a shade of melancholy.

I didn't see that final coming and was in denial but i realized after (if the last sentences are what i'm thinking of) the closure wasn't that desolated.