28 Years A Bachelor - Rasana Atreya

I really love this kind of books!, the ones that take me somewhere else completly different from what i know.
The book is about the inner issues a 28 year old man has about marriage, traditions,and family.

What I like the most is that he is a FEMISNIST!.He steps up for the women around his life, and defy a heavy patriarcal society, and those conservative traditions that brings injustice and unhappines for women, and leds to the married ones a rather repressive life.
Mostly and specially in the country side -It's very upsetting and sad that pretty much the value of a woman is how much money they can provide to the groom if they marry, and the ultimate realizatiion for a woman is to get marry and be a good wife. 
He also struggles,with deciding what environment is best for him, the city life or the relaxed life he left behind in the village where is grandaparents live when he started to pursue a better future- pressured by his parents.The relationship between the three of them was unstructured and it's the one that is deveoped the most, they were very alike to me but complemented well!

There are a lot of themes the book touches, like arranged marriages,the importance of money in these alliances,widows, what is expected for Indian girls and sons when it comes to parents,family life...all of this written smoothly, and so is the story.

The book and the story of Madhav allowed me to take a peek at a lot of indian costumes, which i really enjoyed, it was an every day life story, simple but full of things to be learned and inevitably makes you thhink. A good good read!