The Elite - Kiera Cass

If i was 11 years old maybe i would have liked it (without sarcasm).

This book was very boring, I was very tempted to quit at 10%.

It's more of the same and it had almost no plot, if you ask me what it was about, i'd say it's about her indecision to choose between her two Romeos, going from one boy to the other trying to clear her toughts, and then get angry and confuse, and repeat this all over again.Endless onesided push-n-pull.

This is the second book but I need a clear antagonist. There's no presence of Celeste, all i read about her is Celeste put this face, Celeste said this, Celeste did that (and it's all in an obvious -and sometimes exagerated- way to make a failed attempt to contrast mean VS. lovely) but there isn't a proper construction of her. Or any of the other 3 girls left.

So in this part we have AGAIN the MC doing nice things and commiting 'errors' (like stepping up for your friend) resulting in making herself a lovable-perfect savior and the voice of the poeple of lower casts, because the rest of the girls are too frivolous or stupid (According to how the book portarays them). She never had a true competitor, among the girl's behaviours hers always stands out, and the prince's is preferencial towards her. Obvious ovbious ovbious (from the first chapter of book 1). So was this book needed at all?