The Selection - Kiera Cass

Oh boy this book...I'm affraid i don't have nice things to say.

First I was reminded a lot of 'The Bachelor' tv series: there's a desirable man- the prince- and there are girls who compete to be the winner (of his heart,power,whatever),you have cameras and this selection is televised.So he is chosing the love of his life through this humiliating process (i prefer an arranged marriage but there'd be no book) and you already can sense the shallowness in all this.

America, the MC is a complete Mary Sue,she is seriously annoying, generic and boring. Her character is quite forced..her rudness and temper are percibed as uniqueness and are well recibed and liked, she just loves to snap. So her flaws are no flaws. And to make her look even better, the contrast between her and the 'bad girls' are very drastic: she is super good (perfect) and the bad characters are super rude, childish, superficial, mean,and the rest of the girls were too simple, whiny,irrelevant.

Now the Romeo,he lives the live of the royalty of course,but that shouldn't mean that he has no idea about life, and the country he will rule. So here comes the heroin to teach him infinite lessons. He made her his favourite from the minute they met each other, so what's the point of the competition?

This a book targeted to teens and it barely got interesting at the last 30% of the book, i had a very boring time going through it. I'm not having great expectations for the second part.